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Welcome to Goldberg, your trusted partner for all your import-export and logistics operations. Backed by solid expertise and proven experience, we specialize in the efficient management of goods flows on a global scale.
Our company, Goldberg morocco, excels in the import and export of goods, offering comprehensive, tailor-made solutions to meet your international business needs. Whether by air, sea or road, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the safe and punctual transport of your goods.
When it comes to import-export, we're the ideal partner to facilitate the smooth movement of your products across borders. We manage all aspects of customs formalities, ensuring full compliance and a seamless transition for your goods.
When it comes to logistics, Goldberg morocco excels in the planning, execution and monitoring of transport operations. From complex international shipments to domestic movements, our highly skilled team is ready to meet any logistical challenge.
And we can work with any incoterms


Agadir Port

Casablanca Port

Tanger Med Port

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